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Had this interview months before and after, I got busy on some other stuff. I apologize to everybody.

Anyway, here’s a fun interview with Ace Enriquez, the artist of the new komiks series – BATHALA: APOKALYPSIS. So, sit down, read, scroll down with your mouse and enjoy.


Flipgeeks: Hello, Kuya Ace!
Ace Enriquez: Hey, Norb! Hehe.

FG: Supot si (Typhoon) Juan (sa Manila), no? Hehehehe.
AE: Mayabang! Puro hangin lang! Pero, OKs din na ‘di siya ganun kalakas. Sana OKs lang lahat.
FG: What happened to you when it was (Typhoon) Ondoy?
AE: I was stuck in my fiance’s house sa PASIG! Pero, astig kasi yun lang ata ang part ng Pasig na ‘di binaha. All around us were flooded except yung subdivision nila.
FG: Good thing that you guys that both of you were safe.
AE: Yeah… thanks, Bathala!

FG: Tell me about yourself?
AE: I’m a visual artist. I do music videos, help people sell stuff, and be known by the public. Now, I also draw komiks.
FG: You do music videos? Like, whose videos have you been involved with?
AE: I did some MVs for Parokya (ni Edgar), Kamikazee, Franco and Soapdish. I also did some Indie bands like, Concrete Sam, and recently (soon to be launched,) the Boys’ ‘Night Out’ music video.
FG: Nice list.
AE: Thanks.

FG: What is the best part of yourself?
AE: My eyes? Haha! I dunno… haven’t thought of that… Ay! I love komik books! I think that’s the best. Hehe.
FG: What about the worst part?
AE: Masarap matulog! Masarap ako matulog! Hehe.
FG: Hehehe.

FG: How did you first discover comics?
AE: My folks read local komiks. Isang beses, they bought me Funny Komiks. I was 4 ata noon, and then I always draw them. Ginagaya ko yung pages and characters. Then I got to watch superhero cartoons. Then I discovered American comics. Yun na! Pero, I always pick up komiks pa din every now and then noon. Hanep ang mga pinoy aritsts nun!
FG: Wow. Nice.

FG: When did you start drawing?
AE: 3 years old. My nanay (lola) still have my early drawings.
FG: Cool.

FG: If you weren’t working in comics, what would you be doing?
AE: ‘Di naman ako fulltime na komikero pa. Kung ‘di ako nagdrodrowing ng komiks, siguro, I’ll still be in the Arts (as an) advertiser or (as a) director, I guess.

FG: What are you most likely to complain from an editor/a co-creative team member?
AE: Wala. No need to complain kasi we’re on this together and we have one goal: to make the book kick ass!
FG: What book?
AE: I’m speaking in general… I guess, now, it is Bathala: Apokalypsis.

FG: Tell me about Bathala?
AE: It’s from Gerry (Alanguilan). He had this idea na ‘what if Superman has to deal with the Bible’s Apocalypse, according to the Book of Revelations. Dave (Hontiveros) wrote it; Budj (Tan) is editing it. Kajo (Baldisimo) did some character designs; I’m drawing it now.

FG: How did you get involved with this project?
AE: Matagal na existing yung script. But, nobody would take on it. I heard of it noon (and i liked it). But, I was still in school noon. Now that I have flexible time naman. So, I’m doing it now.

FG: How did you come up to them?
AE: I’ve known them noon pa, and I haven’t had to do anything with Alamat (Comics) since. Now, I want to have something out there. So, I asked Budj about Bathala. And to my luck, wala pang takers!

I believe in the concept and script, kaya I committed to it. I’m happy doing it.

FG: Aren’t you stressed pr pressured (in a good way) that you are involved with them three?
AE: It is an honor and I’m learning a lot! What more can i ask?
FG: Grabe. I wish I’m you or somehow involve there, like a towel boy or something. Hehehehe.
AE: Yeah.

FG: Who is the biggest influence on your work?
AE: Ang dami! From Alex Maleev to Travis Charest, to sir Leinil Yu and to Tommy Lee Edwards.
FG: Tommy Lee Edwards is cool.
AE: Yeah! Turf is great! Kaso late! Hehe.
FG: Yeah. Yesterday, I saw copies of sketchbooks of Kuya Leinil sa Comic Odyssey.
AE: Astig din yung (Marvel) 1985 nila ni (Mark) Millar. I want that Leinil-sketchbook din
FG: 800 pesos yata yung sketchbook nya.
AE: Yung sketchbook? Saang branch?
FG: Robinsons Galeria branch
AE: OKs! I’ll look for it, when I get around there.

FG: What were your past works?
AE: Oh, nothing major… just commissions and corporate stuff. Like I did Haribon and World Vision Komiks noon. And I have a 5-page short strip titled, Guarded. You can find it in my deviantart.

FG: What are you working on right now… other than Bathala?
AE: I have 3 commissions, 2 AVPs and 1 music video.
AE: Audio-video presentations.

FG: In komiks, How do you work? Do you do any rituals before, during and after working?
AE: Work, work, work! Wala naman. I just do it on my spare time. Usually, night time till madaling araw or if it still feels right. I would have something playing in the background, like a movie or something while I draw.

FG: What is the single work of which you are most proud of?
AE: Hmmm… Guarded. The visuals came first. Kasi doon, tapos after ilang years bago siya nalagyan ng words. Today, it’s Bathala, of course. I’m like a kid in toyland with Bathala.

FG: Name one of your guilty pleasures.
AE: Napapaisip ako talaga ah. Hehehe.

Guilty pleasure ko: makinig sa mga emo bands. Lalo na Soapdish! haha! (Hey, Jeff!)
FG: Just a question, why is it a guilt pleasure?
AE: Baduy kasi sila eh! (Sorry again, Jeff!) Haha!
FG: Hehehe. Hilarious, dude.

FG: What is the last comic that you bought?
AE: Superior!
FG: What do you think of it?
AE: Astig! Sobrang astig siya. Nakakasuka.
FG: Yeah, I agree.
AE: ‘Di ba? I love the space monkey. Ibang klase. I love the wrestling belt!

I just hope reveal nila kung anong title yun?
FG: Hmm?
AE: I mean, anong title nung belt ni Superior.
FG. Hehehehe.

FG: Who could play you on a movie about your life?
AE: Si Jograd sa Pag-ibig Ko’y Metal! or si Mo Twister! Haha!
FG: Hahahaha

FG: Pick three things that you couldn’t live without.
AE: Food, air and clothes. Hehe.

FG: What is the strangest thing in your house?
AE: Hmmm… Hmmm… I guess… me? Hehe. Kulang na lang magbayad ako ng rent sa bahay ko eh. I’m usually out kasi.

FG: What music are you listening these days?
AE: Franco, Parokya (ni Edgar)’s new album, OST ng Eat Pray Love and Owls of Gahoole. Ngayon (The) Beatles trip ko.

FG: What is your favorite comic of all time?
AE: All time? Isa lang?
FG: Isa lang.
AE: Tie between Kingdom Come and The Dark Knight Returns. Hahaha!
FG: Why them?
AE: Kingdom Come kasi naman! Alex Ross! Yun na yun! I think pinakamagandang work niya up to this time ang Kingdom Come. The Dark Knight (Returns) kasi miski ilang beses ko basahin, nag-eenjoy pa din ako.

FG: What TV shows & series and movies you like?
AE: I would like to say Watchmen kaso its given na yata eh. Local TV: news and Eat Bulaga. TV series, ngayon, is The Big Bang Theory.

Movie? The last good movie i saw? Hmmm… it was an old movie eh. ‘Leon’, I think isa pang title niya is “The Professional‘. I’ve been meaning to watch it matagal na pero kagabi ko lang siya napanood! Galing ni young Natalie Portman dun!

FG: If you have superpowers what would it be? What would be your superhero name?
AE: Given na yung invulnerability and super strength ba?
FG: Ikaw bahala. Karamihan ng mga interviewees: flight
AE: Sige. Given na yun ah. Hmmn. I guess I want morphing powers. I can be anybody or anything. Trip yun!

[OFF THE RECORD: Ace makes a funny joke about an object that he could morph into.]

FG: Hahahaha! Sayang off the record yan.

FG: What is the worst advice that you’ve ever recieved?
AE: Be yourself! Haha!
FG: That’s the worst?
AE: Gasgas na yata yun eh! Haha! Parang applicable sa lahat ng problems… parang ‘di nag-isip! Hahaha!

FG: What is the best advice that you’ve ever recieved?
AE: Be yourself din! Hehe!

FG: Name someone you admire. And explain Why.
AE: In life, my dad, I didn’t get to know him because he died, when I was still a baby, pero its like everything I do is based on what I know about him. Komiks is the veteran komikeros! They really kicked ass! They can give (Jack) Kirby a run for his money! Really!

FG: What do you think of komiks nowadays?
AE: Good. The Pinoy komiks is healthy! Pero, it needs more exposure pa! More pa!

FG: Tell me about being an independent komik creator?
AE: Masarap. Mahirap. Magastos. I think ganon din naman kung mainstream eh

FG: What would you like to see happen in Philippine komiks in the next 12 months?
AE: Makita sana ulit ako ng mga bata or mga manangs/manongs or mga yuppys na bumibili ng komiks sa mga newsstands. Gusto ko ulit makakita ng mga parang Liwayway & Wakasan sa mga newsstands sa kalsada.

FG: Please finish this sentence: “What the world needs now is…”
AE: Love! (Sorry. The Beatles soundtrip ako ngayon eh!) Hehe!

FG: Internationally, who is your favorite and up & coming comic artist, writer, creator?
AE: I’ll tell you, what im reading na lang. I love (Mark) Millar stuff, Leinil (Yu) stuff, (Image Comics’) The Turf guys, the creator-owned (Brian Michael) Bendis stuff (Scarlet). Millar has Superior, Kick Ass 2 coming, and yung Nemesis. The Turf is trippy. And galing ng Scarlet.
FG: Yeah. I love (Alex) Maleev.
AE: Grabe yang si Maleev. Isa pang makakasuka sa ganda.

FG: Last question: Locally, Who is your favorite and up & coming komik artist, writer, creator?
AE: Naku. Medyo madami, eh.
FG: Take your time.
AE: I like Mico Suayan‘s stuff, (Francis) Manupul‘s Flash is astig! Just to name a few… dami na din Pinoy artists. Internationally, magugulat ka na lang na Pinoy pala yun?! Hehe. Kakatuwa.

FG: What about in the indie scene?
AE: Oh, Kajo (Baldisimo) is astig! Ian Sta. Maria is cool too! The other, Bathala book looks good din. Bayan Knights is a treat!

FG: What are your plans for Komikon?
AE: Get Bathala #2 out there! Hopefully, get more readers to pick the title up! Tsaka, maghalungkat sa mga bins ng sales! Yun yon, eh! Tsaka mga other komikeros release

FG: Ano pa mabebenta mo doon?
AE: Katawan ko sana kaso wala atang bibili nun eh! Haha!
FG: Hahaha.

FG: Anyway, any last messages?
AE: Is that it? Tapos na? Salamat sa mga nagbabasa pa din ng komiks! With a K or C, man at sana dumami pa tayo!

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