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Marvel Releases Two New Spider-Man Related Teasers

Marvel has revealed two new teasers related to Spider-Man. One is a mish-mash of spider-logos one depicting the Peter Parker logo and the other half sport Miles Morales‘ Ultimate Spider-logo. The other teaser is a new addition to the upcoming “Ends of the Earth” story arc over at Amazing Spider-Man.

The ominous trailer also features the date June 2012. Is Marvel planning to bring back Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker who recently died and pit him/team him up with the new Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales?

Or is the new teaser image hinting at a possible meeting between Miles and his 616 counterpart who is not just a part of the Avengers but also a current member of the Fantastic Four? Remember the last time we got to see this sort of “crossover” happened during Mark Millar‘s run on “Ultimate Fantastic Four” which featured Ultimate U Reed meeting the supposedly 616 Reed…

Now going to the “Ends of the Earth”, it seems like Dan Slott and artist Stefano Casseli is planning something big for the Sinister Six and the humans are suffering the most from whatever Slott and company is planning for the human race.

The next big Spider-Man epic begins in Amazing Spider-Man #682, part one of Ends Of The Earth, by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli! The Sinister Six, led by the vengeful Doctor Octopus, is back and they’re looking for revenge! Can Spider-Man & Earth’s Mightiest save the world before Doc Ock’s explosive endgame is revealed? Find in Amazing Spider-Man #682 hitting comic shops and the Marvel Comics app this March!

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Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by STEFANO CASELLI
FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 3/21/12

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