Posted October 31, 2011 by Norby Ela in Comics

OMENG’s Bruho Barbero Available In Big Better Burgers

Rommel ‘Omeng’ Estanislao and Big Better Burgers – Katipunan gained a partnership that results in the availability of advance copies of Bruho Barbero in the said burger restaurant. Bruho Barbero, the newest komiks, created by Rommel ‘Omeng’ Estanislao, scheduled to have a premiere release in November. With this venture, everybody can avail a copy now.

Eat a burger and read a komik too.

Big Better Burgers is a new fast-casual food station, serving premium grilled Burgers. Burgers that are made from fresh one third pound pure beef Burgers patties, infused with their special seasonings, grilled and smoked to juicy perfection sitting on their special dill and onion mayo, top with cheese, lettuce and tomato and encased in a special moist country style bun. We also serve their perfectly grilled patties in mouth watering variations such as their gooey three cheeses, hot jalapeno salsa, sweet shiitake mushroom in teriyaki sauce, buttered button mushroom in burgundy sauce, crispy bacon and grilled onions in chili barbecue sauce and more.

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