Posted November 3, 2010 by Norby Ela in Comics

PREVIEW: Avengers Academy #6

Avengers Academy #6

Story by
Christos Gage
Art by
Mike McKone, Dave Meikis, Rebecca Buchman, Andrew Hennessy , Rick Ketchum
Colors by
Jeromy Cox
Letters by
VC – Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Mike McKone
Marvel Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Wed, November 3rd, 2010

Reptil goes Jurassic on Tigra! When Humberto is elected class leader of Avengers Academy, it should be a dream come true…but instead it’s a nightmare! As he struggles with the weight of his repressed grief and anger, added to the responsibility he feels to keep his teammates on the heroic path, something’s got to give…and it might just be Reptil’s humanity! Plus: more on Quicksilver and Finesse, the villainy of Mentallo, and another Avengers guest appearance in the series that Comic Book Club Live hails as “All of the fun of ‘90s New Warriors with a dark side.”

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