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Review: Brightest Day # 10

Reviewing Brightest Day # 10 written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi with art by Ivan Reis, Scott Clark, Joe Prado.

The continued adventures of for the quest for the new bearer of the White Lantern.

As Aquaman searches for Black Manta‘s son, Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond discover a shocking secret about the Firestorm matrix and by issues end, the return of an unexpected foe from within.

The book was extremely action packed particularly those scenes with Aquaman. The scenes with Black Manta facing down his son is also amazing and shows just how powerful the new Aqualad is.

The Firestorm saga is a slow yet engaging story this month. The Ronnie and Jason dynamics is still not working for me but it still looks great. And seeing a long thought dead baddie resurface also points to great thing.

Will Professor Stein die? We have to speculate for the mean time but it looks like it. Hopefully not since were already privy to the fact that Firestorm will be the new catalyst to a new big bang in case the world explodes.

I sorely miss the Martian Manhunter story. Especially since he’ll be facing down Green Arrow down the line.

The issue was great. But my only problem with the whole thing was the fact that it was inconsistent with the other players involved. Its really hard to second guess the characters who would be appearing in the next issue save when you check online previews or if you own a copy of Previews magazine. Otherwise you’d be totally in the dark on whose story would appear next save for Aquaman’s which, in my opinion, is a bid to make the character a respected character and to generate fan interest.

With regards to Aquaman, DC is doing a spectacular job in making sure that people enjoy Arthur Curry’s story. I do hope however that they solve the plot thread of Arthur’s summoning of undead sea creatures as the story seems to veer away from that plot point in order to deal more with Mera‘s sister, Black Manta and Aqualad.

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