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The “Justice League of America” Cast I’m Hoping To See

When this post was first assigned to me, the issue was: do I make a serious casting or a casting which can only be conceived with copious amounts of brain-damaging substances? I guess my colleagues were tired of my hapless efforts that they told me to do a serious casting. Maybe I’ll do the latter next time (HINT: Michael Cera as The Flash!).

Of course, this is another dream come true for me—especially when you’ve been religiously watching The Super Friends and Justice League Unlimited. First things first, Henry Cavill will still (lots of L’s there) be Superman so I won’t be placing him here. The only League members I will be including are: Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. (+1 member I’d love to include!)

So, before you read any further, I suggest you pop an anti-depressant or two—wait, this is a serious casting after all.

Armie Hammer as Hal Jordan Green Lantern

He’s tall, athletic, and has a rather deep voice. He looks like someone you’d believe to be a fighter pilot.


Karl Urban as Bruce Wayne/Batman

This guy is actually a versatile actor. He can play a cold-hearted villain to a very mild-mannered human being. He can actually look very suave as well. Let’s just see if people can get over the Batman with a perpetual case of laryngitis.


Jude Law as Arthur Curry/Aquaman

This is in accordance with the pestering of a reader of mine, and he finally egged me into thinking Jude Law is a viable choice for Aquaman. He told me that there is a “trend” of using “non-American” actors to portray supposedly American superheroes. Not convinced about his physique? Have you seen Alfie?


Patrick Wilson as Wally West/The Flash

If you’ve got a problem with that, I’ll let you know: I wasn’t completely sold on him being Dan Dreiberg at first either.


Mads Mikkelsen as J’onn J’onnz/Martian Manhunter

Don’t tell me this photo didn’t convince you. C’mon, just paint him green and you’re good to go!


Gemma Arterton as Diana/Wonder Woman

She’s pretty, not that slim, and has films wherein the genres are directed for action lovers. Plus, I didn’t edit Wonder Woman’s pic to resemble Gemma. I don’t think I can be that skilled.


I wish Supergirl was just part of the JLA. Really.

Emily VanCamp as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl

‘Nuff said. Cast her in, and I’m totally watching.

If you’ve reached this point without shooting the monitor (because if you did, you obviously wouldn’t), bear in mind: THEY USED MICHAEL KEATON AS BATMAN. Read on it, a lot of fans sent protest letters against that casting but hey, it worked. At least it wasn’t the 1997 crapfest that was “Batman & Robin”.



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