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SPOILERS: Major Characters Return in ‘Marvel Legacy’ #1

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Marvel Legacy #1.

Marvel Legacy #1 is already out, and with it comes a big return from a few of Marvel’s most beloved characters.

First off, the original Wolverine is back from the dead, and he’s got in his possession an Infinity Stone! Logan’s been absent from the Marvel Universe since 2014’s Death of Wolverine, where he was encased in hardened adamantium. His friends then transferred his body to a secret cabin in the Canadian wilderness where he could rest.


It’s unclear what would happen to the current Wolverine X-23 and Old Man Logan after the original Logan’s return. But with an Infinity Stone in his hands, Logan seems to be set-up to encounter the Guardians of the Galaxy at some point, considering they’re collecting all the Infinity Stones in Marvel Legacy.

Another major return involves two long missing characters that haven’t been seen since 2016’s Secret Wars – Valeria and Franklin Richards. Reed Richards’ family were left outside of reality after Secret Wars, rebuilding the multiverse and undoing the alternate reality caused by Dr. Doom.


After much clamoring from fans, things may finally be looking up for Marvel’s first family.

Marvel Legacy #1 is available now.

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