Posted May 7, 2012 by Timzster in Comics

The Avengers scores big in the US box office and 30 minutes of deleted scenes in Blu-Ray!

After opening last May 4 in the United States, Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios superhero team up movie The Avengers has literally assembled legions of fans and movie goers in a manner like no other, and has nabbed a resounding $200.3 Million on its first opening weekend run, shattering the record once held by Warner Bros. by last year’s final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II! The movie also opened in international theaters on April 25th, and in over 12 days of release, the film has grossed more than $641.8 Million internationally! As a result, the film has had the biggest opening in countries such as Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the Philippines! It’s one of the biggest movies to enjoy a huge opening weekend ever, so check Marvel.com for more news on the excelsior filled scoop!

In related Avengers news, director Joss Whedon recently got interviewed by Collider, and has confirmed that the Blu-Ray release of his film adaptation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will have at least 30 minutes worth of deleted scenes and footage! Those who saw the film and want to find content that didn’t make the cut will be very pleased by this bit of news! You can check out more via the video interview itself and read more by checking the source posts at Cinema Blend and Collider!

The Avengers assembled in theaters last April 25th and May 4th, and is now playing in theaters!


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