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Kim Jacinto Talks About Working on The Sentry

June 27, 2018
Robert Reynolds is back with his own series written by prolific writer Jeff Lemire! With the first issue hitting stores today, we’ve chatted with series artist Kim Jacinto about the book. How did you become the artist for The Sentry? They contacted me while I’m working on Avengers: No Surrender...


Jeff Lemire And Kim Jacinto Launch New The Sentry Ongoing

March 7, 2018
Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto are launching a brand new The Sentry ongoing series as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” relaunch. This comes after the Sentry’s recent return in Doctor Strange. “The Sentry is a fascinating character,” Lemire told ComicBook. “I absolutely ...



November 15, 2017
Avengers: Disassemble! The epic weekly takeover continues this February when Kim Jacinto takes the reigns to draw the second month of Marvel’s biggest team adventure, and Marvel is excited to reveal the covers for issues #679 – #682 of AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER by Mark Brooks. “In month two of NO SURREN...

Venom Space Knight 10 cov

Kim Jacinto unleashes his VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT run to a new level

July 14, 2016
Filipino comic artist Aaron Kim Jacinto recently becomes the new artist for Marvel’s Venom Space Knight #8-10.  According to Kim Jacinto, he was chosen for the project since his art style was similar to the title’s other artist R.B. Silva. Unlike with the other projects he’s worked on with Marvel, he...

Deadpool featured

The History of Filipino Artists with DEADPOOL

February 5, 2016
[UPDATE: 2/11 – We’ve updated the list. -N] Deadpool was created by Rob Liefield and made his debut in New Mutants #98 back in 1991. The character’s rise to prominence was slow but sure and became a force to be reckoned with through irritating albeit entertaining ways. One of the striking...

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KOMIKON 2014: Celebrating The Tenth Year of Komiks Love

Event Coverage
November 19, 2014
In Komikon‘s tenth anniversary, there was no stopping, despite the rain showers earlier that day attendees queued  in excitedly to attend one of the biggest event of this year. This year, the organizers shown love both to the local comic book writers and artists and at the same time to their avid fan...


OFFICIAL: Jeanine Schaefer To Replace CB Cebulski As New MARVEL Talent Scout!

June 15, 2014
A week after CB Cebulski left his post as Marvel’s talent scout, editor Jeanine Schaefer has been announced to replace the former, according to a tweet from comic book writer James Asmus. CB will then be promoted to take duties as Vice President Of International Business Development and Brand Managem...


Flipgeeks to bring Pinoy MARVEL Artists at TOYCON 2014

June 13, 2014
This year’s TOYCON is surely going to be the biggest toy event, but the organizers also plan to showcase a lot of stuff from geeek culture. Next week (June 20-22) at the SM Megamall Mega Trade Halls, as part of a partnership between Toycon and Flipgeeks, we’re bringing you our awesome Pinoy Mar...


Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked’s Gigantic FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Plans Revealed!

April 28, 2014
Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked, have teamed up again and has switched to higher gears towards this coming Free Comic Book Day on Saturday! With this awesome team up, we can expect a lot of free FCBD comics for all of us – including Pinoy FCBD komiks, a huge selection of comic books (singles, tpbs, [&...


Pinoy Comic Artists Draws for the Yolanda Victims at Local Comic Shops

November 25, 2013
The Philippines was hit hard by the typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the strongest storm ever recorded. The region in Leyte, and in Tacloban was devastated because of the typhoon. A lot of people initiated multiple activities in order to help out the victims, like the people in the geek community. Here in Manila,...