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Buying Toys and Gifts Online – KidsCompany

August is the last month of the year before we hit the “Ber” months, and after this month we know what’s next – holiday season. It’s a few months before the actual Christmas season but we all have to be ready for buying gifts, and at this point in time where to buy and shop.

It’s a couple of years also that I only focus in buying stuff for myself like toys, comics, console and pc games. But now it’s time for me to be in “Tito” mode and look for cool items for the little ones.  It’s time to look for some cool toys as gifts.

Being in the game of toy collecting and huntinkids-company-brands-licensesg for so many years, I said to myself that I should try going online and see what’s there on the digital shelves. I’m not talking about (Buy & Sell) Facebook groups, I’ve done that so many times and mostly it gets too toxic for me to browse – but most of all, I’ll just end up buying stuff for myself ha ha!

So one of my friends have told me about this website called “KidsCompany”, and told me that I should check it out and “window shop”. So I check out thewebsite, and it does look like something for kids or parents. I checked out other information about the site, and it says that KidsCompany is an online market esp for kids. Now what I saw, were things that I was a bit familiar with and I’m sure that I could see their items in toy shops in malls. Now I thought about just going out and head to the mall, but there’s some problems that I know we all share especially when you’re living in Metro Manila. The traffic is bad. I could say that If I have around 2,000 pesos for spending budget, one-third of that would probably go to other expenses (gas, parking, etc). So I re-opened the site again.

I explored the brands that they carry and I’m surprised that they have original and licensed items from big names such as Chicco, Disney, Barbie, Mega Bloks, DC Comics, Hot wheels, and Star Wars. I reminded myself that I was looking for something for kids, and I told myself that I should check out the site just as how a kid would check out a toy store. It was time to be little kid once again. There’s actually a lot of selection and other brands that were up, and as I browse it was enticing me to buy for myself lol. They have discounts, and some items that I’ve never seen (coz I don’t go to the kids section that much anymore haha), but a lot of them were cool ones.

I was able to select a few items to buy, and I turn myself once again to an adult. I was glad that KidsCompany caters payments thru credit card and even PayPal. What made me smile even more was that they offer FREE SHIPPING for PHP1,000 and above! I’ll be updating everyone (through our FB page) regarding the items that they sent through shipping. Don’t forget to check out the site, and here’s some of the items I checked out (see below).  Happy hunting!


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