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Going to Rakrakan Festival? Here’s What You NEED To Know!

We’re only a few weeks away from the biggest celebration of Filipino music at Rakrakan Festival! In order to enjoy a weekend full of Peace, Love, and Music, here are the things that you need to know.

Remember these things to have a hassle-free music festival as well as our own safety and others.


• On the event day, tickets are available at SM Tickets for P530. If you buy your tickets at the venue, price is P500.
• Don’t buy tickets from unreliable sources and scalpers. Tickets will be scanned. Buy your tickets in the official ticket booth at the venue or at SM Tickets ONLY.
• There will be special entry passes for VIP holders. Check layout map at rakrakanfestival.com.
• Minors from age 13-17 years old should be accompanied by an adult. All minors will wear a special tag and will not be served beer.
• 13 years old below is not allowed to enter the event.
• Make sure to be on your best and most comfortable attire to enjoy the festival.
• Better to come early to avoid long lines! With this, you can also have more time to scout and visit the whole area including the bazaars. You may also get a chance to grab more freebies from our event partners and sponsors.
• There are limited parking spaces, so be “Rakers” and commute your way to Circuit Makati, Event Grounds.
• Refer to  rakrakanfestival.com for band schedules and festival map so you know where to go.
• Dangerous items are not allowed such as firearms including sharp or pointed objects.
• There will be a baggage area for your belongings. Numbers will be provided to claim your items after the event.
• The organizers has the right to request for proper identification when age is in doubt.
• The organizers has the right to refuse admission if needed.
• The organizers will not be responsible for any loss of property before, during, and after the event.
• Drugs and other prohibited substances will be surrendered to the police.

DO's and DONT's


Here are the list of bands on their respective stages on DAY 1 and DAY 2 of Rakrakan Festival.


  1. Miles Experience
  2. Better Days
  3. Brwn
  4. Lions & Acrobats
  5. Intertwined
  6. Ang Bandang Shirley
  7. Brisom
  8. Lola Amour
  9. She’s Only Sixteen
  10. Bita & The Botflies
  11. Over October
  12. Benny Bunny Band
  13. Sandiwa
  14. Not Informed
  15. Sleep Alley
  16. May
  17. Absolute Play
  18. Red Light Go!
  19. The Late Isabel
  20. The Vowels, They Orbit!


  1. Juan Karlos
  2. Spongecola
  3. Hale
  4. Gloc 9
  5. Shantidope
  6. Just Hush
  7. Because
  8. Stick Figgas
  9. Quest
  10. Geo Ong
  11. Agsunta
  12. Freestyle
  13. Side A
  14. Barbie Almalbis
  15. Migz Haleco
  16. Dotty Chan
  17. Riot
  18. Mojofly
  19. Fern


  1. Mayonnaise
  2. This Band
  3. Moonstar88
  4. Gracenote
  5. Queso
  6. Typecast
  7. 6Cyclemind
  8. Imago
  9. Rouge
  10. Kjwan
  11. Tanya Markova
  12. Join The Club
  13. Woopis
  14. Drive Me to Juliet
  15. Chndtr
  16. Madeline
  17. Maryzark
  18. Sud
  19. Red Horse Muziklaban Champion


  1. Slapshock
  2. Franco
  3. Ultra Combo
  4. Urbandub
  5. Basti Artadi
  6. Coln
  7. Wilabaliw
  8. Rocksteddy
  9. Giniling Festival
  10. Even
  11. Saydie
  12. Philia
  13. Valley of Chrome
  14. Faspitch
  15. 123 Pikit
  16. Reborn
  17. Dicta License
  18. Red Horse Muziklaban Champion


  1. Wuds
  2. Philippine Violators
  3. Catfight
  4. Sunflower Project
  5. Subculture
  6. Bad Burn
  7. Manila Under Fire
  8. Shotgun Combo
  9. Atthismo
  10. Happy Three Friends
  11. Morphine Kings
  12. Mr Bones and The Boneyard Circus
  13. Arcadia
  14. Embercore
  15. Vie
  16. Jurassic Pards
  17. Switch
  18. Skychurch
  19. The Republicats
  20. Runbynine


  1. December Avenue
  2. I Belong To The Zoo
  3. Autotelic
  4. Munimuni
  5. Chocolate Factory
  6. Brownman Revival
  7. The Chongkeys
  8. Banda Ni Kleggy
  9. Pedicab
  10. Hilera
  11. Lion & The Scouts
  12. Reggae Mistress
  13. Collie Herb
  14. Engkanto
  15. Kadangyan
  16. Written By The Stars
  17. Sagip Adik Foundation
  18. Slowdough
  19. Jejaview
  20. Salvation Army

If you’re still thinking of going to Rakrakan Festival, think quick! You can still avail a DAY PASS for only P400 and a 2-DAY PASS for only P700 at any SM Tickets outlet! Better yet, call the whole fam and get a BARKADA PROMO for only P2,000 inclusive of 6 Tickets!

Be part of the country’s biggest OPM festival that is RAKRAKAN FESTIVAL 2019: PEACE, LOVE, AND MUSIC!

“Rakrakan Festival 2019: Peace, Love, and Music” is presented by Rakista Radio and Red Horse Beer Muziklaban; co-presented by Dickies; with Official Venue Partner, Circuit Makati.

Visit rakrakanfestival.com for more details.

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