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Blade Runner 2049 Gets the Funko Treatment

At present, it is hard to think of a highly-anticipated movie whose characters have no Funko Pop! versions. Funko has been creating vinyl figures and collectibles of characters in television series and movies for some time now, along with characters in comic books, advertisements, as well as television personalities, politicians, athletes, and more. For the upcoming movie Blade Runner 2049, it is no different. Funko has released glam shots of Blade Runner 2049 Pops and Dorbz. Funko also gives as a preview of other characters not shown yet in the movie’s trailer. Here are some photos:


Blade-Runner-2049-Funkos-and-Dorbz-2-600x429 Officer K Joi

Neander Wallace



Sapper Sapper Chase

Officer K Deckard Wallace Sapper Sapper Chase


Rick Deckard, Officer K, Joi, Neander Wallace, Luv, and Sapper make up the Funko Pop! Blade Runner 2049 lineup. Sapper also gets a chase/masked variant, which has a rarity of 1:6. Officer K, Deckard, Wallace, and Sapper also get the Dorbz treatment. Deckard Dorbz is limited to 4500 pieces worldwide, while Sapper also gets a chase/masked Dorbz variant, which has a rarity of 1:6 as well. These collectibles will hit store shelves on October.


Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel to 1982’s Blade Runner. Blade Runner is considered as one of the most influential sci-fi films of all time, and we are excited to see its sequel. Blade Runner 2049 is set to hit theaters October 6, and Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Carla Juri, Dave Bautista, Mackenzie Davis, Lennie James, and Jared Leto are part of the cast. Hopefully, Funko will make Blade Runner (1982) Pops and Dorbz as well!

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