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FlipGeeks Customizer Spotlight: JPOPS

FLIPGEEKS as we know, caters to Filipinos by being a source of news and updates on the geek genre. We do not only want to provide news for the local community, but feature news, updates, and people from the local community as well. Here at FlipGeeks Customizer Spotlight, we feature some of the best and the rising Filipino toys and collectibles customizers. We feature these artists not only to exhibit their works, but also to get to know them beyond their masterpieces. We also aim to inspire readers to try and get into customizing!

Our first feature is about JPOPS. Some of us might have already seen his works, most of which are Funko Pops customized to look like statues. We were able to get in touch with JPOPS to give us some insights on what he does, how he does it, how he started as a toy customizer, who is his favorite character of all time, and more.

FLIPGEEKS: Can you tell us something about JPOPS? Like how were you able to come up with the name, where you’re located, and what does JPOPS do.
JPOPS: The origin of the name is actually out of a joke from a friend, me having the nickname Jerby, JPOPS has a ring to it, and it started from there. We do custom designed figures, props, and replicas for the kids at heart. We’re located in the Philippines.

FG: When and how did JPOPS start?
JP: It started around 2015, where the fanbase of Funko Pops just expanded. Originally, it was supposed to be simply an online store for Funko related items. But we wanted to have unique pieces with characters we enjoy, which started the custom projects.

FG: What got you into customizing?
JP: We have always wanted to have our ideas and imaginations into toy form. Fortunately through JPOPS, it gave us a headstart.

FG: Where did you learn how to customize?
JP: I learned to self learning, experimenting different styles and techniques, plus asking tips from seasoned customizers in the local industry.

FG: What is/are your inspiration/s in customizing?
JP: Aside from being fans of superheroes and anything pop culture, we’re toy collectors too! We all have the same passion and inspiration.

FG: JPOPS is very noteworthy because your statue-like funko custom figures are very unique. Can you tell us something about your style?
JP: Thank you for appreciating our work. The custom figures we do are based from comic books, statues and action figures.

FG: How long  does a custom figure take to finish?
JP: It depends on the character and the overall presentation. Normally it takes 1-2 weeks to finish the prototype, depending on the design.

FG: If you were to rank all your works, what are your top 3?
JP: All of our works have special pieces in our hearts. But my personal favorites are Thanos, Loki and Galactus.





FG: Who is your favorite character of all time, and why?
JP: My personal favorite character of all time is the Flash, soon to be one of our projects as well.

FG: What do you think is the best thing about customizing toys, figures, and collectibles?
JP: Customizing toys, figures and collectibles gives it a more personal touch. Giving figures the custom treatment is an extra mile to happiness.

FG: What do you do outside customizing pops?
JP: I’m an architect by profession. I aslo sell toys, action figures and others pop culture stuff online and retail.

FG: What is your message to those aspiring customizers?
JP: To those who would like to start customizing, don’t be afraid to experiment and commit mistakes. Everybody starts somewhere. Take that first step and enjoy

Here are some more of JPOPS’ works:

FB_IMG_1502481630636-1-1 FB_IMG_1502481551576 FB_IMG_1502481542954 FB_IMG_1502481475084
If you want to see much more of JPOPS’ works, you may visit their Facebook page or their Instagram account.

Stay tuned for more FlipGeeks Customizer Spotlight!

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