Posted March 22, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

Fear Itself: Book of the Skull # 1 Review

A look into the opening shot of Marvel’s Fear Itself mega events modestly begins with two characters, Baron Zemo and Sin and uses flashbacks and narrations in order to bring the reader up to speed on the new event which will shake the very foundations of Marvel this year.

The book is written by Captain America writer Ed Brubaker and is gorgeously illustrated by Scot Eaton and features a story about what happened during World War II and how this secret/ failure in Cap and the Invaders’ part is going to bite them in the ass big time.

My initial reaction to the book’s first few pages was “Man, can they put Baron Zemo back on the Thunderbolts Beta team? He looks awesome with either a sword and a shield or even with guns.”

And then I focused on the story from there. While officially being a prologue to a bigger storyline which is Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen’s Fear Itself, its tightly packed with useful tidbits about the main threat.

And although its still not clear who the Serpent really is, there’s a bit of ominous and foreboding stuff in the prologue which will sure cross over to the main book.

It was a pretty treat to see the old-school Invaders (or rather half of the World War II era team). although they basically lost the battle they were in (going against an ice giant is pretty tough) its still a good treat for old-school Invaders fans.

Overall, the art and the story were pretty great. Very engrossing even.

A good recommendation for people who want to start on the Fear Itself story to get a good grasp on the new summer event.

And man, the ending was pretty awesome too!

Earl Maghirang