Posted November 2, 2010 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

DID I LIKE: Captain America # 611

Ed Brubaker and Daniel Acuna delivers a fresh new look and a probable change of status quo for the current Captain America, Bucky Barnes as “The Trial of Captain America” begins.

With Baron Zemo‘s plan taking full effect and the media ringing a buzz about the identity of the new Captain America, as well as past crimes under the nom de plume of The Winter Soldier the people are starting to tear Bucky a new one.

And while his Avengers teammates and former Captain America, Steve Rogers try to do some damage control on the tarnished reputation of Bucky, our boy, in this issue, tussles with a bunch of low life neo-Nazis awaiting the return of a new Masterman.

While the Red Skull’s daughter formerly Sin and now calling herself the new Red Skull watches on and laughs.

So what’s really to like about the new issue for Captain America?

Well for one, Daniel Acuna’s art is still gorgeous. I swear DC was so wrong in letting him bolt out of their doors. His work on the Freedom Fighters (and the whole Command D bunker) was such a treat. And here he is again with on top of his game with a book like Captain America.

The story about the trial for the new Cap is somewhat realistic in terms of approach. In the 21st Century, no reputation is safe thanks to websites like TMZ and to showbiz and news channels such as CNN or ET. It goes to show that even big figures like Captain America, can get torn in half by 24/7 news cycles and by the media in general.

A scary but jarring reality in a piece of fiction.

The action is intense and we also find out just how little the Avengers know about their new teammate.

One last thing, it was such a treat to read Hawkeye defending Bucky. It’s a contrast to his early Avengers days when he did the opposite of what Rogers wants. Barnes certainly has it easy.


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