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WIN a Halimaw JUGGERNAUT Statue Absolutely Free

To celebrate more than a year of geekiness, Flipgeeks will be giving away an awesome looking JUGGERNAUT statue made by Halimaw! Sculptures . So bring your A-Game because the JUGGERNAUT CONTEST starts now!!

Well of course there’s a catch hehe! If you want to win this Juggernaut statue and bring home the power of the Cytorrak, check out the mechanics below !!


1. Create a BLOG ENTRY in your Blog or Website
– Create your own title, but the title should include the word “Flipgeeks”.
– The blog entry should answer these questions:
(NOTE: The entry should not be in a Q&A format)

a. Describe in your own words what is Flipgeeks (Filipino Geeks).
b. Why do you consider yourself a Flipgeek ?
c. Why do you love Flipgeeks.com ? (NOTE: You must LINK to www.flipgeeks.com, example: flipgeeks)
d. The blog entry should have 300 words and more. Get your blog published…ASAP!

2. visit the FLIPGEEKS FACEBOOK FANPAGE and Click the LIKE Button.

3. To Officialy join the contest, Send an EMAIL NOTIFICATION to submissions@flipgeeks.net with the following details:
a. The Subject should be entitled : “I WANT JUGGERNAUT”
b. Complete Name and Contact Number should be included
c. Provide the name you are using in Facebook
d. Provide the link to your Official Blog Entry/Post

Contest Duration and Important Details

1. Creation of BLOG ENTRY and Submission of the EMAIL NOTIFICATION should be FINISHED on or before AUGUST 31, 2011
2. By joining the contest, you agree that the Blog post entry used and shared by Flipgeeks.com.
3. Winners will be announced in some time in September 2011
4. Winners will be notified through email and the contact number provided.
5. The contest is EXCLUSIVE in the Philippines.

Please stay tuned in FLIPGEEKS.com for more updates and news regarding the contest! For more info and queries, please email tonytuason@flipgeeks.net

Earl Maghirang