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REVIEW: ‘Brigada’ a band of different kind of heroes!



Story by: Enrique Fernandez
Art by: Enrique Fernandez
Colors by: Enrique Fernandez
Letters by: Neurobellum Productions
5/ 5

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Rich fantasy story with multiple parallel storylines; Enrique Fernandez's colorful illustrations; can keep readers interested with its themes


Multiple storylines can be sometimes confusing

To sum it all up..

Your heroes are not heroes at all. They’re just a group of dwarves who also happened to be felons/convicts.

Posted January 14, 2017 by



Fantasy stories always have that band of heroes that always end up saving the day. Take Frodo and his friends for example, or even Harry and the gang. Now, BRIGADA is quite different. Your heroes are not heroes at all. They’re just a group of dwarves who also happened to be felons/convicts.

Brigada brings us to a land that is living in constant fear from the Voirandeer. Some believe it to be a giant beast that covers the land with it’s breath, but no one really knows. The only sure thing is whoever goes inside its mist would get lost in the woods full of chaos. Now, enter the brigade who’s put up to a task to fight the black elves. Unfortunately for them, it’s not as simple as that as the brigade ends up within the mist. Treachery and deception are just as present as the constant danger of the Voirandeer. There are no heroes here, only dwarves who are trying to survive.

By now, we have read different stories about dwarves, elves, witches and the likes. What separates Brigada is how it keeps some of common known mythos while giving them a spin of its own. I like how the plot not just revolves around the Brigade but also with the world and people around them.

There are multiple story lines and plenty characters to unveil them which keep things interesting. Each of them has its own voice and agendas that helps flesh out their identities. Another plus point is Brigade’s lore. Though it isn’t that deep yet, you can see that it has the potential to expand with each mystery. Brigada branches itself to different themes to keep readers on their toes. There is conspiracy, mystery, action. All with a touch of fantasy. It’s just the right mix to keep you interested.

Another strong point, which is stronger than the story, is Enrique Fernandez’s illustrations.The line work here is clean and consistently solid. His use of colors is also notable. Some panels could be dark and yet they still manage to look vibrant. One thing that is quite different from what we usually see is the faces. Most of the characters have chiseled and cornered features. They might remind you of the Moai statues.

Brigada 02

Another highlight is the battle scenes. The movements are illustrated in a way that they fully show the energy and momentum. One can feel the intensity of the battle between the brigade and the different beasts that they take on.The onomatopoeia is more felt thanks to how Enrique matches  its details to its sound. The background and landscapes are also very detailed. There is texture to the illustrations and it creates an image that it is not simply two dimensional. The illustrations are so good that even if you remove the dialogue, you’ll still be able to enjoy the comic book.

Though the multiple stories and characters does keep the story interesting for the readers, it also causes a problem. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of what is currently happening. You might have to quickly check again what has been said and who said it just to follow the story.

Brigada is something that you would read again thanks to its many story lines and its wonderful art.

Brigada 01 Brigada 03

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