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REVIEW: ‘Rendez-vous In Phoenix': A slice of a true to life experince

Rendez-vouz At Phoenix
Rendez-vouz At Phoenix
Rendez-vouz At Phoenix


Story by: Tony Sandoval
Art by: Tony Sandoval
Colors by: Tony Sandoval
5/ 5

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12 total ratings



Inspiring and dramatic story; True to life story makes it unique; Illustrations of facial expressions easily convey emotion;


Might not appeal to readers used to superhero comics

To sum it all up..

A slice from the pages of the author’s own life, turned into this story filled with hope and challenges.

Posted January 24, 2017 by


Rendez-vous At PhoenixComic books regularly show us stories filled with imagination and fantasies. Sometimes, it also tries to imitate daily life. Now, it isn’t that often that a comic book is based on a true story. That is what Rendez-vous In Phoenix actually is. A slice from the pages of the author’s own life, turned into this story filled with hope and challenges.

We are introduced to our lead character who dreams of working for the “big two” comic companies and to be with his girlfriend in the USA. Now here’s the problem: our hero is being blocked by a wall, specifically the one that separates Mexico and the U.S.A. With no chance of getting a U.S. visa, our lead has to go through the border in anyway possible. From there, we are witnesses to the hardships that he has to go through to pursue his dream.

Tony Sandoval’s story gives us a point of view that we don’t often see in graphic novels. We are exposed to the hard life that prompts people to take their chances for something better in America no matter how risky it is. Throughout the story, we learn what kinds of danger crossing the border could bring. From muggings, to rape, and even death. It even becomes more serious once you are reminded that this is actually happening everyday. That this is happening in the real world. With this, Rendez-vous carries a serious theme, which pulls in its reader, making them feel a sense of empathy.

The tone of narration made by the Tony’s character is mostly calm, like a friend telling you how his day went. But even so, it still properly conveys the emotions that he felt throughout the story. This is most notable as he tells the hardships of illegally crossing the border. It comes out as informative yet you can still empathize with him. The dialogues also provide enough insight to the characters’ lives.

Tony’s illustrations somewhat look like what you’ll see in the newspaper comic strips. It has that feel to it especially when you notice that some of the characters’ eyes are just white or black circles. Still, the amount of details increases as the tone of the story becomes serious. The characters’ facial expressions become more detailed which help convey the emotions that they are currently experiencing. It’s one of the comics’ strong points as it creates a stronger effect when projecting what the characters are going through.

Rendez-vous At Phoenix

The background is also quiet detailed. Even the drawing of the wide landscape, which could’ve just been simple and plain, still had detailed drawings of the vegetation. The shading is also noticeable especially in projecting the course of time as the amount of light changes.

Rendez-vous In Phoenix is a story that might make you feel sad and at the same time, inspire you. It will give you a point of view that you might not be entirely aware while giving you a story that is entertaining and full of emotions.

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