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REVIEW: ‘Farmhand #1′ is No Regular Farm

Farmhand #1 COVER
Farmhand #1 COVER
Farmhand #1 COVER


Story by: Rob Guillory
Art by: Rob Guillory
Colors by: Taylor Wells
Letters by: Kody Chamberlain
Cover by: Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells
Publisher: Image
4/ 5

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1 total rating



-Rob Guillory's storytelling merges family drama and horror just right -Guillory's art

To sum it all up..

You won’t look at farms the same way again after reading this new comic by Rob Guillory!

Posted July 12, 2018 by


Farmhand #1 COVER

I looked at the cover of Farmhand #1 and easily recognized Rob Guillory‘s art. What I saw was horrifying but I kinda felt at home since it all reminded me of Chew. The vibe I had in mind was far from what I expected once I read through the first few pages.

Rob Guillory did double duty in this new comic by being both writer and artist and work like that is always impressive to me. The comic’s concept is overall creepy as the reader is presented to a family farm that grows human parts. This said the concept is paired with some family drama that’s paired well. Farmhand #1 had some mood shifts throughout the issue and that’s what really sold me as I read this. Guillory’s art was as memorable as his work in Chew to the point that the reader can look at Farmhand #1 as a bit of a spinoff of Chew. Thankfully, Guillory managed to distance this comic from Chew thanks to his own brand of storytelling.

Farmhand #1 is sure to change readers’ minds about their normal perception of farms. Family drama on top of a thrilling concept that’s ripe for horrific developments is what easily sells this comic for readers. The next thing to wait for is how horrific this comic can go as it continues.

Carlos Alcazaren



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