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Cosmania’s TORCH Champions Represent Philippines in AFA Asian Regional Cosplay Championship!

Press Realese — In the recent years, Cosplay® (short for “Costume Play”) has reached extraordinary heights in the Philippines. This is especially apparent this year as Cosplay Mania ’13 exploded in its 6th year where the record-breaking Cosplay event not only hosted nine guests from Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Japan, it also broke attendance records with 24,000 attendees, the bulk of whom flocked to the event to witness the Grand Finals of the prestigious, nation-wide Cosplay pairs competition known as Cosplay Tournament of Champions, now in its fourth year.

Cosplay Tournament of Champions, or most commonly known as TORCH, is considered to be the biggest and most grandiose cosplay competition in the country. Organized by Cosplay.ph®, the Philippines’ premier cosplay event organizer, the annual nation-wide pairs Cosplay contest gathered the most talented Cosplayers from Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Cavite, Bacolod, North Edsa, Baguio and Manila in order to fight for the right to be flown into the grand finals at Cosplay Mania® ’13 held last October 5-6, 2013 at SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City.

This year, Team Cuddle Club Buddies Again composed of Rommil Donaire, Jr. from Butuan and Krislyn Branzuela from Cebu, beat out eight worthy contenders in an impressive display of costume craftsmanship and stage performance. With their astounding, detailed costumes as well as their precise and dramatic stage skit, they were crowned the Philippine Representative in the Asian Regional Cosplay Championships to be held in Anime Festival Asia in Singapore this November 8 – 10, 2013.

With the inclusion of Vietnam, the competition in Singapore promises to be more challenging than ever, but Team Cuddle Club Buddies promises to pull out all the stops in order to once again recapture the title for the Philippines – a title that was first won in dramatic fashion in 2011. Despite the odds, Team Cuddle Club Buddies Again pledges to pull out all the stops, not only to reclaim the title, but also to show the world what Filipino cosplayers are capable of. Supported by Cosplay.ph and its partner, Brother International Philippines Corporation, this tournament molds cosplayers in a competitive format that hones their skills in order to prepare them for the toughest international contests.

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