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COSPLAY MANIA 2012 – Booths, Cosplayer Images and the HUGE Flipgeeks Fansign!

Cosplay Mania 2012 – the biggest cosplay event in the country was held last week! And this year in Cosmania, the Flipgeeks boys had their FIRST booth EVER!!! Komiks artists who won the Komiks at Cosmania Contest,  also joined us in our booth, and we instantly became friends with them!

We had lots of fun in our booth, the Komiks artist drew sketches which called our curious cosplayers and event-goers, while the Flipgeeks boys got busy in giving out flyers and … posing on camera! We raffled out some comics, and even candies to the ones who bought komiks at the booth. It was fun too because Cosmania had event-goers that range from gamers, cosplayers and even comic book readers. Oh we also had lots of fun with our HUMONGOUS SIGN-BOARD, okay, let’s call it our Flipgeeks Fansign! HAHA! And as you can see in the image below Naked Snake (Big Boss) ain’t too much happy with Earl about it –

Cosmania 12 certainly highlights the crowd that it draws, but another thing that maybe most people might not notice immediately is that Cosmania had lots of booths in the 2nd hall. There were stores that were selling model kits, and other anime/manga collectibles stuff, gaming booths like PinoyPS’, stores that offer cosplay products like lenses, wigs. You can check out the FULL IMAGE GALLERY of BOOTHS and Cosplayers with our FLIPGEEKS FANSIGN here:

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Of course, one of the main highlights of Cosmania is its ability to draw an awesome crowd of Cosplayers. Check our FULL COSPLAYERS IMAGE GALLERY below. Check Flipgeeks from time to time as we upload more images in the coming days which includes – Reika and Kaname, Solo Cosplay Photos and Group Cosplay Photos.

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