Posted November 21, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Gaming

Initial Review: Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception

An initial review for Naughty Dog‘s Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception for the Playstation 3.

Since both Tons and Derek are busy getting an intravenous dose of Skyrim, I’m going to be doing the review for Uncharted 3.

What I Liked:

- Nathan Drake is back. Yup, everybody’s favorite everyman hero returns for a third serving this time focusing on an adventure that brings him from harsh deserts all the way to the raging seas. The game ultimately returns to the grassroots level as they stop bringing overt storylines and focusing a tight story focusing on the past and future of our hero. Everybody loves a hero thats not as “cool” as Lara Croft but is as good as the heroine.

- Smooth operator

Drake’s PS3 return focuses on action and at the same time a little light banter between his supporting cast including Sulley. Whats totally amazing here is the fact that the controls are smoother and better.

One of the best things about Uncharted 3 is the fact that controls are intuitive. A small push of the analog button and Drake reaches for a nearby ledge when climbing or scaling walls or cliff faces. The same goes for gunfights. Head for a cover and Drake guns down enemies with great easy and accuracy (which in a way is like what?). Running towards an enemy will trigger a melee attack which seems to have different cool effects per attack.

- Stylish

The graphics are so great and so awesome that its definitely so gorgeous. I even took the time to stop doing the adventure trail and just enjoy the virtual scenery. Every punch and every kick also looks painful. I can finally say that the game is equal parts eye candy and equal parts grade A game. No wonder IGN gave it such a high score.

I’ve got to play the game again and give an additional whirl. Gonna leave you though with more screenshots and images from the game.

Check out the rest of the character gallery below:






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