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TRES KOMIKEROS Podcast Episode #100: Giant-Size Extravaganza

Part 1: John, EJ, Alex, and Nick take it easy for the hundredth episode of Tres Komikeros with some freestyle comics talk.  In this super sized episode, the boys also answer your listener questions.  BRO HUGS FOR EVERYONE!

Special Guest

Part 2: In the second half of this special episode; Migs, Alex, and John talk to every local artist’s tentpole Komiks creator and Eisner nominee Gerry Alanguilan.

Best known for his work on ELMERTimawaWhere Bold Stars Go to Die, as well as his Marvel and DC Comics work as the inker of Leinil Yu, Gerry brightens our little show with his Youtube-famous smile.  Join us for an hour of talk about his early work, his thoughts on criticism, the nature of collaboration, and much more.

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Featured Musical Interludes: Rock Kills Kid & Rogue Wave
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