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First Posters And Trailer For Ridley Scott’s EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS Released!

After Ridley Scott’s adventures in the futuristic space opera Prometheus and his most recent modern crime fiction film, The Counselor, his next project will have him go back to a rather biblical past with the newest biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Based on the events of the last book of the old testament of the same name (just drop the “Gods and Kings”), it tells the monumental story of how Moses (played by Christian Bale) freed and lead the slaves of Egypt to the “Promised Land” from the rule of his brother, Ramses (played by Joel Edgerton). Today, three new posters were released online in celebration of the first teaser trailer’s release. The trailer features larger than life spectacle that you’ve come to expect from Ridley Scott films, an epic showdown, and two talented actors in front and center.

The film stars Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, John Turturro, and Indira Varma. Exodus is set to be released on December 26, 2014 (Tentative date) in 2D and select 3D theaters.

Here’s the trailer:


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