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TV REVIEW: Agent Carter “The Lady In The Lake”

It was just last year when we witnessed Agent Carter’s adventures after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. The last time we saw Agent Carter was when she just saved New York City and Howard Stark from a nefarious plan to turn the city against itself. Now, she’s back and she’s ready to once again prove that she can do things better than any man.

The episode starts with a bank robbery led by Dorothy  Underwood, the Russian spy who escaped last season, dressed as Peggy. It seemed that she would get what she’s after but it turns out that the SSR was already there. A fight ensues between the two femme fatales, providing us with an action packed opening.

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The episode then goes to L.A. where agent Sousa, along with detective Andrew Henry, goes to look at an unusual crime scene. A frozen lake on the hottest day of the year and a dead woman who is also frozen in ice. Back in New York, Peggy has been interrogating Dorothy. It was going well till her boss sends her to L.A. to aid Sousa with the case. As soon as she arrives at L.A., she is greeted by Jarvis and  Bernard Stark, Howard Stark’s flamingo.  Peggy then reunites with agent Sousa which starts on a rather serious tone but the two manages to return to how they usual act with each other;.

The three of them finds a lead after inspecting the body in the morgue, which points them to Isodine Energy where Peggy meets an inside man and a potential love interest. Not that she needs one. We then find out that the victim is having an affair with the company’s owner. Luckily, he will be at the horse race track that afternoon. So I guess we are off to see the race, but Peggy has to have a change of attire. One that will be provided by *gasp* Mrs. Jarvis! We finally get to see what she looks like!

agent carter

Dorothy is still being interrogated in New York but it all ends when the FBI has taken her from the SSR. In the race track, Peggy meets the owner of the company and his wife, Whitney Frost. If you think you know her from somewhere, it’s probably from the comics. Whitney Frost aka Madame Masque is an enemy of Iron Man. After going back to the morgue, the three finds that the coroner has also frozen. The detective starts to act sketchy and then kidnaps Peggy’s inside man. Things get messy and someone ends up dead. By the end of the episode, we’re given a glimpse of who’s behind the death and why Sousa was a little distant with Peggy.

The Good:

Hayley Atwell as agent Carter is still a sight to behold. It’s good to see her in character once more. The costumes and the sets are still one of the show’s strengths. It really does a great job in giving off that 1940’s vibe to the show. The airplane travel scene was a really nice touch and so was the L.A. opening. We finally get to meet Mrs. Jarvis who we’ve only literally heard about. I do hope that we get to see her more and that she would substitute Jarvis as Peggy’s partner.

The Bad:

The episode didn’t feel that energetic. For the first episode of the season, it seemed that it wasn’t able to build up the right momentum. The most action that we’ve seen here is at the opening scene. They were able to do an action packed first episode before so maybe they could have taken a note from that.

The Verdict:

It sure was nice to once again follow Peggy on her adventures. There are now more interesting characters and more mysteries that needs to be solved. This season clearly has the potential to outdo the last one. I do look forward to how the events will unfold. Let’s just hope that they pick up a faster pace.

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