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FLIPGEEKS’ Guide to GEEKY TV Shows this Fall!

Fall is coming fast and so are these awesome shows. Here is our guide to shows that geeks must not miss!


New Comers:


John Constantine is a man whose life is haunted by his past sins. Not only that, he is now the world’s defender against an upcoming attack from the dark forces.

Why Watch It: The series version of Constantine looks much more faithful to its comic book counterpart. This is what Constantine is supposed to look like. If he looks badass right now, then you should see him battling the forces of evil

Catch it on: October 24, 2014


Before the Batman and his enemies waged war on each other, see where it all began. The story focuses on a young Commissioner Gordon back in the early days of his career. See the villains before they become Gotham’s most wanted and also the boy who lost his parents before he grew up to be the Dark Knight.

Why Watch It: Who doesn’t want to see Gotham before the Batman? You’ll get to find out why the villains became evil and also we’ll be seing  Commissioner Gordon in action!

Catch it on: Fall 2014


Liv, a normal med student, turned brain muncher who becomes part of a coroner’s office to satisfy her hunger. Unlike you’re usual zombie, Liv must devour brains in order to retain her humanity. Not only that, she also gains their memories which she uses to solve their deaths.

Why Watch It: Solving deaths by accessing the memories of the dead through eating their brains? Talk about fresh. Just like CSI with a dash of supernatural elements.

Catch it on: Fall 2014

the flash

The Flash

After seeing the accident that gives Barry Allen his powers in Arrow, The Flash finally makes it to his own series. The Flash will have to protect Central city from super powered villains that also got their abilities from the same freak accident that created the Flash.

Why watch it: Because it’s the Flash! On his own series! Kidding aside, we’ll see another Justice League original member on the small screen. Also will the Flash transition to the silver screen to join his fellow superheroes on the Justice League movie? Let’s wait and see.

Catch it on: October 8, 2014


Ongoing Series:


Arrow Season 3

After regaining order in Star City, the last season ended with a teaser from another part of Oliver’s past. What secrets lie waiting in Hong Kong?

Why Watch It: So far Arrow has been doing great with the characters that it features. Expect more characters to come including past Superman Brandon Routh. But this time he’ll play as Ray Palmer, also known as The Atom.

Catch it on: October 8, 2014

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Season 8

After bidding goodbye to Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, be prepared to see Peter Capaldi in action. Continuing from the Doctor Who 2014 Christmas special, audiences will be thrown to new adventures with the new Doctor.

Why Watch It: Since 2005, the Doctor has been played by by young looking actors. Now with Peter Capaldi stepping into the T.A.R.D.I.S. we might see more than what we might expect from the Doctor!

Catch it on: August 23, 2014

Agents Of Shield

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2

After the events from Season 1 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, newly promoted Director Phil Coulson is now left with the task of rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. Skye’s quest for her parents and their other worldly origin would be also be revealed.

Why Watch It: AOS might have had a slow start in the beginning of the first season but it managed to redeem itself after the tie-in event with Captain America: TWS. Now the question is will a tie-in event happen with The Guardians of The Galaxy?

Catch it on: Fall 2014

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 

After finally reaching Terminus only to find that it was all a trap, things seemed bleak for our band of survivors. See how they will escape their captors in another suspense packed season.

Why Watch It: The show promises more disturbing scenes that might not even make it to the television. Isn’t that enough reason to watch it?

Catch it on: October 2014


Special Mention:

Marvel’s Agent Carter

Based on the Marvel One Shot of the same name, Agent Carter will continue her mission as an agent of  the Strategic Scientific Reserve. It is the second TV series that is set on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why Watch It: Even though it won’t be shown until January, it still made it on our list. Also, Howard Stark would also be appearing in the series. Nuff’ said.

Catch it on: January 2015


Hope our guide helped on picking out what series you should look forward to this fall!

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