Posted February 25, 2016 by Ica Hontiveros-Cheng in Music

FG Music: EP Review – Oh, Flamingo!


As winners of the coveted Wanderland band title, even beating out personal favorite Iligan-based Loop, Oh, Flamingo! is making their own brand of noise, proving that despite having a few original songs under their belt, it is their unique charm and music that endears their fans and followers to them.

The EP opens with ‘Inconsistensies’ which gives audiences a preview of the treat that they are in, the simple guitar riffs make way for more complicated ones, executed only by mastering the perfect timing. The radio friendly ‘Two Feet’ showcase the quartet’s strengths, which are off the books music styles, which focus more on finding their own style, rather than ripping off other bands. The EP ends with the fun and fresh track ‘June’ which transcends to a Carribeanesque like song, you wouldn’t see coming.

The lyrics are well written, no clichéd lyrics where in you can predict what word comes next or the ones that make you want to throw up as to how they cheesy they are. Nope, you won’t find any of those with Oh, Flamingo! Their lyrics almost have a poem like quality, painting imagery which best compliments the well arranged songs.
Howard Luistro’s vocals make him sound older than he actually is. The strength of his laid back singing is knowing when to give and when to take. There is no overbearing ‘birit’ but a casual control, experienced musicians take years to master.
It seems that the self titled EP is not an experiment as to finding out who they are or what their sound is. Rather, it is a loud testament of what Oh, Flamingo! is all about. From the intended use of punctuation marks in their name (don’t forget the ‘,’ and the ‘!’) to their no-nonsense, no make up, yet super fun and ‘kulit’ album cover. Oh, Flamingo! is a refreshing promise to bigger things in the indie scene.

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