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FG Music – Album Review: SOMOS: ‘First Day Back’



Artist: Somos

Album: First Day Back

Genre: Indie-Rock

Label: Hopeless Records

Most bands have their own unique style and magic and for upcoming Indie Rock band Somos, it is their ability to build you up to come back for more which sets them apart from other bands. With 11 tracks, their sophomore album First Day Back is a strong contribution to the increasing popularity of the Indie Rock genre. The quartet from Boston Massachusetts know their sound and know just how to reel their listeners in.

The album starts with ‘Slow Walk to the Graveyard Shift’, which unlike the title does not end slowly but rather too abruptly that you might even go and check on your player if there is a hitch or a problem. At 51 seconds it is not an instrumental opening which some artists have chosen to open their albums with, rather, there is faint vocals in the background that set you in a haunting and beautiful setting before ending suddenly.

Violent Decline is the next song in the album and at 2.14 seconds is not the regular 3:00+ minute song, you are used to. Violent Decline seems to be more of ‘Intro Part II’ and it’s all part of their unique magic and style. You don’t even know it yet but you’ve already started to fall in love with the band. Things start picking up with Thorn in the Side which at 2:58 seconds is still not your typical radio length song but it makes the listener focus more on the lyrics as we hear more of Vocalist’s Micheal Florentino’s haunting voice and interesting vocal range. In the song he asks-

‘It feels good. It does not. How does it feel to be a problem? To be a thorn in the side. 

Things get heavy with with Problem Child which starts off with an impressive drum solo from drummer Evan Deges, this moves on to more guitar playing from Justin Hahn and Phil Haggerty. Their guitars lean a little towards Math Rock but with a cleaner execution. Like the songs before it, Problem Child ends suddenly then it is immediately followed by Reminded/Weighed Down with Florentino immediately singing, without any musical cues. These guys must have a strong sense of timing when they perform live.

Alright, I’ll Wait is a favorite, as i features a bit more technical guitar playing, a catchy chorus and a distinguished climax and an ending that is not abrupt, unlike it’s previous predecessors.

All in all, the album takes time for it to sink in but is still enjoyable nonetheless, you might need to focus before the songs start to make their way to your head (and heart) but when they do, it is a secure seat which they occupy, as the band leaves a lasting impression enough for you to want more.


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