Posted March 22, 2013 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

Angela Revealed to be Age of Ultron Guest Star, Neil Gaiman Co-Writes Guardians

The warrior angel Angela, formerly from the Spawn universe and recent acquisition from Todd McFarlane‘s camp is revealed by Bleedingcool to be the guest star in Age of Ultron # 10.

For those unaware, Sandman writer Neil Gaiman won back Angela who is apparently his creation, after a long legal battle with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. Now the reason why Angela is set to make her appearance here is simple, Gaiman is chummy with Marvel again. It seems that after winning Angeka, Marvel also gets the one up on McFarlane by winning the rights to Marvelman aka Miracleman. So this whole guest appearance can be likened to a celebration.

By the way if you think that it’s the end after Age of Ultron, then you’re wrong as she’ll also be joining Brian Michael Bendis’ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY for five issues and then go on a universe wide tour of the Marvel Universe. For all we know she could be a late addition to the movie roster.


Earl Maghirang