Posted July 22, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Comics

Russel Dauterman Reveals Concept Art For Both Unworthy And Female THOR!

Following the announcement of a new Thor last week, Russel Dauterman revealed on his Tumblr page his concept designs for both Unworthy and Female Thor, as part of his preparation on taking the reins from Esad Ribic as the new artist of the ongoing God Of Thunder series alongside writer Jason Aaron.

Judging from the designs, it would seem that an incident involving the loss of the God of Thunder’s left arm will spark the events that lead to a new individual replacing him from the role he served for years. Also, take note that the said particular event played a part in the title’s previous God Butcher arc, so this should be an interesting event to tread.

More announcements regarding this new run will be made at Comic-Con this week. For now, revel at these fantastic sketch designs:


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