Posted June 20, 2016 by Drew Bagay in Comics

BATGIRL #1 Debuts With ‘Beyond Burnside’

DC’s Rebirth continues on this week with Batgirl #1, debuting its first arc Beyond Burnside by writer Hope Larson and artist Rafael Albuquerque.


Writer: Hope Larson
Artist: Rafeal Albuquerque

“Beyond Burnside” Chapter One: The Batgirl you know and love is going global with Eisner Award-winning and New York Times best-selling writer Hope Larson (A Wrinkle in Time, Goldie Vance) and all-star artist Rafael Albuquerque (AMERICAN VAMPIRE). In order to up her game, Babs travels to Japan on a quest to train with the most elite modern combat masters of the East. But when a chance meeting with an old friend puts a target on her back, Batgirl may need to use her new skills to solve a deadly mystery.

Batgirl #1 goes on sale this week!

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