Posted January 11, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

DC Confirms First New 52 Crossover with Night of Owls in Batman Books

Scott Snyder has been writing some excellent stuff from Batman so it seems apt that he lead the crossover for the Batman books.

This year, Snyder together with artist Rafael Albuquerque will be joining forces to tell depict the war between Batman and the rest of the secretive group known as “The Court of Owls”.

DC Comics has confirmed that the crossover has already begun starting with Batman # 1 which was released in September and will culminate in a new story arc entitled “Night of Owls”.

Here’s what the American Vampire writer had to say about this upcoming event courtesy of The Source:

These back-up stories will continue to reveal more about the Court’s sinister agenda as we move toward “The Night of The Owls” – a massive crossover event coming in May, which will span the Bat-books and reveal the full breadth of their master plan. With their claws sunk into Gotham history, the Owls represent a threat unlike anything Batman’s faced before, threatening to tip the city’s balance of power once and for all.

“The first backup, in issue eight will give a sense of the terrifying scope of the Court of Owls’ attack on Gotham. This really will be the first shot in a war for the soul of Gotham City,” said Snyder. “And then, starting in issue nine, we’ll begin a three part story called ‘The Fall of the House of Wayne’ that will investigate the secret history of the Court of Owls and its relationship to the Wayne family – particularly to Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce’s parents. The story will be told from the point of view of Jarvis Pennyworth, Alfred’s father, and offer some big surprises and shocks about the forces that shaped the bat-mythology as we know it. Can’t wait for you all to see these stories!

“I’m also excited to be co-writing with my friend, James Tynion IV, a young writer I’m extremely excited about. Especially in the spirit of the New 52, it’s a real thrill to get to give someone new and talented a chance to get his foot in the door, and James is a writer to watch and expect great things from!”

“And of course, I’m over the moon about getting to work with my good friend and AMERICAN VAMPIRE co-creator Rafael Albuquerque on the some of the very first ones!”

Really looking forward to this massive event.

Earl Maghirang