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Norby’s Take:

With the last chapter of this arc and it seems to be a great cliffhanger for a big scope designed by Scott Snyder, you will never be disappointed or disregard with this book. Beautifully engaged art, panels and speads from Greg Capullo, made my infatuation of his art skills more with envy. Both talents brought such amazing storytelling that it just wonders me that why isn’t this a $3,99 title? They brought us to Batman, as the character shifts from his own self-trust to madness. The last two pages makes the issue worth your read that just impacts you with emotions.

I truly advise you getting this arc by single issues or the upcoming collected hardcover this March. It is sure that it is not complete, but it really ends with fantastic, derivative storytelling and art that leaves you with an awe jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

Earl’s Take:

The latest issue of Batman continues to wow casual readers and hardcore fans alike. The latest issue focuses on a lot of good moments but more importantly shows the slow breakdown of Batman at the hands of the Court of Owls.

In a bizarre yet great twist of events, we’re reading a book that’s a cross between Batman and the film “The Cell”. While there were no real references to the movie, it does examine the Court’s MO. Breaking the will of their intended victim through mental manipulations and even locking them up in the court’s subterranean labyrinth.

Of course this would be half as cool if not for the great art once again provided by Greg Capullo who’s style gets better and better as the issues roll out for this New 52 title. The little things like the facial expression for the different characters all play a huge part in making this books such a great read month in and month out.

I definitely recommend that you catch up or get the book.

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