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Comic book review for Batman # 11 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

And just like that “The Night of Owls” officially ends. Batman # 11 is the finale to the one-month crossover masterminded by Scott Snyder together with Greg Capullo.

It’s an all-out battle between Batman and the Talon who claims to be Thomas Wayne  Jr. and its something that both casual comic book readers and even hardcore Bat-fans can get behind in.

Thanks to the classic penciling skills of Greg Capullo we get to see a nice one-sided fight between the two and it gets even more interesting with the scripts and dialogues that Snyder provides. What’s good about this issue is the fact that it actually steps back from how Batman # 1o ended (which was pretty controversial) rather than saying that Lincoln March was in fact the long forgotten Thomas Wayne Jr., Snyder makes us doubts our earlier belief.

Most people would probably agree with me when I say that Batman getting that beating at the hands of the Talon was uncharacteristic of the Dark Knight. He might not be in his element but I can certainly say that he wouldn’t allow himself to be trashed just like that. He’s the Batman for crying out loud.

Another element I loved about issue 11 was how very much it read like an action movie. You see the hero getting beaten (beaten badly at that), the villain rants on and on about his grand plan or his motivations, the hero manages to do something unexpected or reveals his trump card and the aforementioned hero then tries (with much success) to escape from certain doom. You’d probably be expecting that it won’t work on a book like Batman but you’ll be surprised when you get this issue.

Just like Silver Sable’s death over at Amazing Spider-Man, we never get to see the body of Lincoln March so we should all assume that the guy would be making an appearance in the near future. There’s also the still unresolved threat of the Court of Owls who seems to have taken a back seat in the book.

Overall, I enjoyed Batman # 11; for the story for the art and most importantly for how daring Snyder is when it comes making big choices and painting a fresh coat of history over Bruce Wayne’s long storied past.

Verdict: 5/5

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Earl Maghirang