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Comic book review for Talon # 0 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Guillem March.

Stepping out of the shadows of the Night of the Owls is the new character Talon from Snyder and Tynion IV. I picked up the book from the Comicx Hub and I never put the copy back. I liked what I saw. The art by March was pretty and the story while violent in nature is gripping.

This is a good jumping on point for new readers and old as issue zero introduces Calvin Rose, a kid with claustrophobia while at the same time also one of the best escape artist in the business. We see him through the various stages of his life from his very first successful escape to his first assignment as the Court’s new Talon.

Yes the book has grit and blood but from my point of view it’s also got a lot of heart. It’s Calvin’s fears that moves him to do awesome stuff. In a way it mirrors how Batman’s indomitable will makes him the toughest member of the Justice League. Unlike the other members of the Bat-Family, there’s no dead parents here. However it’s also Calvin’s father that pushes him to become a better escape artist.

The cover for Talon # 1

Like I said the art for # 0 was pretty. Guillem March definitely took his sweet time drawing everything. There are even some small details that you might have missed on your read which you’ll notice on the second time. I like the facial expression for Calvin as well the armor design for this guy.

I’m going to agree with the other comic book reviews about Talon. It’s a fresh book with an interesting characters thats not bound or chained up to decades worth of continuity. This is a character that can make mistake and be heroic and do bad things. A truly flawed but noble character. Hopefully we don’t see DC Comics screw up the characterization for this guy.

If you’re streamlining your books for this week then I suggest that you give Talon # 0 a try. Nice art, nice story and great dialogue.


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