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Comic book review for Batman # 0 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

The zero issue for Batman is an issue that is definitely worth getting. Like the past issues of Snyder’s run on Batman, this issue provides more depth regarding the character himself as well as meeting the point of telling the story of what happened before Batman # 1.

In this issue we get to meet the “Red Hood Gang” with a leader who has a smile that is eerily similar to that of the Joker’s. It’s in a bank robbing situation where we finally get to see a younger Bruce Wayne in action. The great thing about this issue is that it does not strive to tell an origin tale. It’s actually just adding more stories in between continuity. It might be hard to wrap your head around the idea of 70 years worth of stories being crammed into the span of 6 years it’s already there. More on that later. Here’s the rundown of PROS and CONS for Batman # 0.


- Greg Capullo’s art is definitely worth every penny you pay for the book. He can really can deliver great facial expressions for the characters that he draws plus he also drew a pretty nifty looking proto-Batcave somewhere in this issue. Heck he even made Jim Gordon look young which can be pretty hard to do with the exception of Miller’s “Batman Year One” rendition of the old coot.

- The Red Hood gang is also a fresh new take on the whole “Red Hood” mythos. We all know that it’s one of the histories of the Joker; him being a guy that was forced to enter a chemical factory to steal and then gets thrown into a vat of chemical. Alan Moore did a pretty fine job on “Killing Joke” for this one but if I’m reading this correctly then Snyder will infuse his own take into the origin of the character.

The Joker by Brian Bolland

- The whole notion of Bruce Wayne finding something lacking in his one-man war against crime was also amusing. I don’t know about you guys but I did grow up watching Batman: The Animated Series and learning only bits and pieces, heck to me all this new history for the New 52 Batman/ Bruce Wayne was only something I saw during “Mask of Phantasm” so adding new layers to the story really helps fan the flames so to speak.

- You got to give the backup story by James Tynion IV a try as well as it pays homage and gives more significance to the Bat-signal. It also shows us glimpses of the lives of Batman’s future charges namely Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon. The backup also provides heart and shows readers what makes each character tick. Case in point Jason Todd who was a perp but does the whole face-turn after his partner offed an innocent young lady.

- Scott Snyder knows what Batman fans want while at the same time providing a very rich reading experience for the awful price of $3.99.


- It’s 3.99 without a digital copy. Lame!

- As mentioned above I liked the backup story but the main story should have pushed for more pages.

- The book should be called Mission Impossible or perhaps Ninja-man. Not even a hint within the story that he’ll become Bats.

- It just boils my blood that Bruce didn’t own a Batmobile or any nifty looking car at this point in time. Hey he could’ve rented out that old VIPER car.

Just kidding folks. It’s just really lame that they didn’t give Batman # 0 a digital copy for download. Why am I pushing for that? because the book was so good you’d be a fool not to lend it to a friend and have them read and like the title.

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