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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Captain Marvel # 1

Comic book review for Captain Marvel # 1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy

Taking a breathe of fresh air from the event that is AVX, here’s a review for Captain Marvel # 1 starring no other than former Ms. Marvel , Carol Danvers.

In this new book by DeConnick together with Dexter Soy, who really delivers a some great artwork for this new monthly book.

The issue was cool thanks to a team-up with Captain America as well as some witty banter with Spider-Man. Around midway of the book, we also meet one of Carol’s supporting characters. The book ends with a flashback wherein Carol meets her idol and one of her biggest reasons for joining the Air Force.

I liked Dexter Soy’s artwork on this issue. It’s got a lot of good lines and interior works. Heck I totally loved how he drew the action scenes. There was also a lot of great moments that are non-action that also provides great character build up. One great moment that I’d like to point out was the moment where Carol and Peter Parker have their little talk over Carol taking the name Captain Marvel after taking on the name Ms. Marvel for such a long time.

The costume and the new hairstyle for Carol was also a plus for this issue. Change has always been a big thing for the character and this new status quo for her is a welcome change.

One other thing that I loved about the new ongoing for Carol is the fact that they have Kelly Sue DeConnick onboard to write such great dialogue. Its amusing to note that Carol’s been using her powers for stuff other than battling supervillains or the Avengers villain for the week. Its these simple things that shows not only just her power set but also how she can become a total bad-ass.

As for her new look, I’m totally reminded of this Street Fighter character…

Overall, its a fun book. It shows a lot of promise and art. At this pace they’d probably have a fan in me. You might hate the redesign that Carol has gone through but I really think that if you look past the fact that Ms. Marvel isn’t wearing her trademark bathing suit costume, you’ll start enjoying this new book.

It’s about high time that Marvel really start paying attention to their female characters and show just how much promising this book.


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