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Get to Know More About CAPTAIN MARVEL Artist DEXTER SOY

Marvel Comics recently announced a new “Captain Marvel” series hot on the heels of the first act of AvX or Avengers vs X-Men. The creative team for the new book consists of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and rising star Dexter Soy. Flipgeeks was lucky enough to catch up with Dexter and ask him a few questions before the impending release of “Captain Marvel”.

Flipgeeks: Congratulation on landing this Captain Marvel gig. Many readers would like to know just how exactly did you get the gig of being the artist for Captain Marvel?

Dexter Soy: Last Novermber Budjette Tan stumbled upon my Deviantart page and twitted the Thor fanart I did, which caught CB Cebulski’s attention. Cebulski then emailed me asking for some more of my stuff and I responded. Later his assistant asked me to do tryout pages. A week after that Steve Wacker (my current Editor) emailed me and asked me if I can hop in for the team Captain Marvel and I complied.

FG: What were the preparations that you had to do when you found out that you were doing the book with Kelly Sue DeConnick?

DS: Well, when I finally got the gig, I realized that I wasn’t reading any comics anymore lol. Which is really bad of me, so I flipped over some of the “how to” stuffs and looked for some illustrations that portrays enough story-telling , and bought some  comic books that’s available in our province, US comics is scarce in our place so I also checked some stuff on the internet.

FG: Your Carol Danvers looks awesome! Did you base your Carol Danvers from a celebrity or did you have this image of how Carol’s Captain Marvel should look like?

DS: I based her on how I see her on my mind.

FG: How was it working with Ms. DeConnick? 

DS: It’s been a pleasure working with her. She’s really a cool writer and she hooks me up with some stuff to look or watch to get me inspired.

FG: I’m sure you had a lot of fun providing the pencils for Captain Marvel, care to share some of the fun moments you had?

DS: Fun moments when I was able to draw Captain America and Spider-Man and also design new characters.

FG: Were there parts of the book that you’ve done that you can that you were really challenged?

DS: Of course. For me, every page is a challenge, deciding which angle  you would draw a thing on a panel is already challenging.

Preview page for Captain Marvel # 2

FG: You have a very unique and distinguishable art style. Who are your favorite artists in the comic industry? 

DS: Joe Mad, Shinkawa, Capullo, Canete and lots more.

FG: I noticed that on your Deviantart that you’ve actually drawn a lot of characters. I even saw Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed II. Are you a big video game fan?

DS: Yes, I’m a huge gamer myself.

Dexter's rendition of master assassin Ezio from AC II

FG: In the future, which comic book character would you like to draw?

DS: Daredevil.
Flipgeeks: Finally if Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel had to battle Captain Marvel/Shazam who would you pick and why?

Dexter Soy: Captain Marvel… Coz she’s a bad ass mother #$#@$% (can I say that?)

Stay tuned as we will be focusing more on Dexter and other Filipino talents and artists in the near future. Also keep your eyes peeled for some great announcements from us and our partners.

Earl Maghirang