Posted September 21, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Justice League # 0

Comic book review for Justice League # 0 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

There’s a lot of good things to look forward to this issue. First we have the first full appearance of the New 52 version of Captain Marvel now being called Shazam. Secondly it’s got the team of Johns and Gary Frank onboard and thirdly it’s got a first hint of the upcoming 2013 story arc “Trinity War”.

More importantly its a new take on the Billy Batson character. Seeing the previous backup stories showed us two sides of the young Billy Batson. One side shows a rebellious teenager and the other is an orphan still looking for his parents and doing good deeds once in a while.

This issue is also just full of references as well as subtle hints about the future of Billy. There’s the idea that Billy’s parents are still alive since the Wizard never really confirmed the deaths. There’s also hints and references to a “family” which could also be seen as the formation of the Shazam family. And there’s even a bit of teasing about the final fate of the Council of Wizards last seen in “FCBD New 52″.

The art is good and it’s a pretty nice comic book story. It’s very rare for the post-52 Johns writing to make me laugh but this issue made me do that. This also hammers the point that DC Comics really needs to develop the character and do an ongoing for Shazam (provided they hire a competent creative team).


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Earl Maghirang