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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Detective Comics # 0

Comic book review of Detective Comics # 0 written by Greg Hurwitz with interior art by Tony S. Daniel


I gave this book a try even though I  haven’t read any Detective Comics book since the relaunch. This was included in my New 52 DC Comics pull list mainly because it’s a story about Bruce Wayne’s training abroad.

In this chapter we find out the motivations and reasons behind the coldness and distance that the New 52 Batman displays when with his teammates in the Justice League or while on patrol with his extended family. This book details why Batman is perpetually on the fence when it comes to trusting people. D.C. # 0 shows readers that the whole “one man army” motivation was fed into Bruce’s mind while he was training in the Himalayas.Peel away the Batman story and this is a tale of morality and of betrayal. Bruce’s sensei gets literally and figuratively stabbed in the back teaching the future Batman the hard lesson of trusting other people and getting controlled by emotions.

The art for this issue is solid. It reminded me that once upon a time I was a fan of Daniel’s work including his art run on “Teen Titans”. The lines and the emotions on the faces of characters were drawn pretty damn tight. I actually might have to check out the previous issues of Detective Comics. If Detective Comics # 0 is any indication of what it will be like once “Chew” writer John Layman steps onboard, then I’m really going to start paying attention and maybe even pick up Detective # 13 once it comes out.

Overall, this is another great book. I liked the cover, I liked the story, heck even the backup story featuring Alfred Pennyworth and his reaction upon the return of a scruffy, Wolverine-esque Bruce Wayne was a winner.


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Earl Maghirang