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Free Comic Book Day is a one-day annual event in the geek universe that started back in 2002, that welcomes to new (non-geek) readers orient to comic book reading, and even to regular comic book readers orient other comic book titles out there from their comic reading radar. It usually happens on the first Saturday in May each year in participating specialty shops/local comic book shops and all of the comics produced for that event is ab-so-lut-ley FREE!!!

The Philippines has been experiencing this mega-geek event with the help of the nation’s mother of all of comic book shop – Comic Odyssey. Presently, other comic book shops in the country, like Planet X, Druid’s Keep, Comicx Hub, National Book Store and other LCS are also in order for this year.

Remember, not all comic books in the store are not free. Even the back issues. All shops have policies on how many free comics you can receive. Check with the shops for their policies and plans for FCBD. But surely you will get one free comic if you enter a participating shop. Different stores would give out raffle prizes; invite artists, writers and creators for sketches and signings; invite comic character-cosplayers and other what-not.

Comic books are ‘fun to read, featuring a wide range of diverse story lines that capture the imagination of the readers’. But, what comic books that are free? click HERE.

So tell your friends, family & loved ones, classmates and to anyone who are first-time readers & to anyone for this kind of medium.

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