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INCOMING: Marcos Martin on ‘Daredevil’ #4 & #6 Plus! #1 2nd Print Cover

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at DAREDEVIL #4 plus the cover to issue #6! Artist Marcos Martin joins writer Mark Waid for the series that fans and critics can’t get enough of! Matt Murdock begins a new career, and it’s one that will expose Daredevil

DAREDEVIL #6 cover by Marcos Martin

to crime and evil in a whole new way! And that’s not all because for those who missed the death defying debut issue of this hot new series – Marvel’s got you covered by going back to press with the DAREDEVIL #1 Second Printing Variant!

Everyone agrees, DAREDEVIL is a hit! But don’t take our word for it, see what everyone’s got to say:

“[T]his is a fine comic.” – Humphrey Lee, AintItCoolNews.com

“Try it now. At the very least you’ll be seeing a set of creators working at their utmost, and showing you why a guy like Mark Waid is such a treasured institution in comics, and why Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin are some of the best the future has to offer.” – Josh Flanagan, iFanboy.com

DAREDEVIL #1 second printing variant cover by Paolo Rivera

“Finally, yes, you read that right: five stars. I reserve those for the books I want to share and will most likely buy again to replace the copy I just gave away.” – Doug Zawisza, ComicBookResources.com

“There’s no better place to start with this character, so whether you’ve read DAREDEVIL in the past, or you’re just curious, this is a must-read title.” – George Marston, Newsarama.com
“Forget DC’s tubthumping about their range of new ‘#1′ issues that are going to reintroduce company characters with a fresh new spin: Marvel have just shown them how its done.” – Dave Wallace, ComicsBulletin.com

Get in on all the action this September, only in DAREDEVIL #4 and DAREDEVIL #1 Second Printing Variant!

DAREDEVIL #4 (JUL110652)
Written by MARK WAID
Art & Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
FOC – 8/29/11, ON SALE – 9/21/11

Written by MARK WAID
Art & Cover by PAOLO RIVERA
FOC – 8/29/11, ON SALE – 9/21/11

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