Posted November 21, 2012 by Mikael Angelo Francisco in Collectibles

COMICX HUB Can Make Your Spidey Xmas WISH Come True!

You’ve probably already read this week’s shocking Amazing Spider-Man #698 (and if you haven’t, well, please allow me to talk you into buying and reading it via my 100% spoiler-free review HERE). Love it or hate it, it’s definitely a strong opening shot for “Dying Wish”, the last Spider-Man story for 2012, AND the last story for the Amazing Spider-Man title.

“Dying Wish” promises to shake the world of our beloved wall-crawler like it has never been shaken before. Dan Slott has gone on record as to say that this will be the end of Peter Parker’s world as the Amazing Spider-Man… and that come January, we’ll be getting a Superior Spider-Man – faster, stronger, smarter and better in every single way.

Right now, Amazing Spider-Man #698 has officially been sent back to the printing press for a second printing, and believe me, don’t expect things to stop there! The action continues in two weeks, as Amazing Spider-Man #699 continues the gut-wrenching “final tale” of our Amazing hero, and throws us face-first into Amazing Spider-Man #700 – a 100-page extravaganza written by DAN SLOTT and illustrated by HUMBERTO RAMOS, with a letters column answered by none other than the “father” of Spider-Man, STAN LEE himself!

On top of that, a bunch of awesome covers have been revealed for Amazing Spider-Man #700. This IS the end of the ride, after all; might as well go all-out! The regular cover of Amazing Spider-Man #700 is a beautifully-constructed collage by MR GARCIN . As expected, other artists are definitely in on the fun as well, as we’re also getting really cool variant covers from MARCOS MARTIN, HUMBERTO RAMOS, OLIVIER COIPEL, JOE QUESADA, and the previously-unused original cover art for Amazing Fantasy #15 by none other than legendary comics artist and Spider-Man co-creator STEVE DITKO!

Are you worried that you won’t be able to get your copies? Are you currently on a tight budget, but also itching to make sure that you get the complete Spider-Man package this December? Well, COMICX HUB has a treat for you!

Go to the COMICX HUB website right now and check out their special AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: DYING WISH packages! Take a look at the options below and pick whichever’s best for you:

1. A complete set of Amazing Spider-Man #s 698-700 (regular covers), plus Amazing Spider-Man 699.1Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, and the upcoming Superior Spider-Man #1 (check it out HERE)!

2. A complete set of 6 comics (same as above), with your choice of one of the following variants for Amazing Spider-Man #700 instead of the regular cover: Coipel (HERE), Martin (HERE), Ramos (HERE), or the 50th Anniversary Special Variant (HERE) – expect more details re: Quesada and Ditko variants very soon!

3. A special set of 5 copies of Amazing Spider-Man #700 – one copy with the regular cover by Mr Garcin, plus one piece each of the Coipel, Martin, Ramos and 50th Anniversary variants (HERE)!

Here, take a look at the covers revealed so far:

Trust me, you do NOT want to sit this one out. Order now, and make sure that YOUR Spider-Man Christmas Wish won’t be a dead one!

Mikael Angelo Francisco