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KOMIKS PREVIEW: Callous Comics – The Land of the Guardians

Callous Comics – The Land of the Guardians

Story & Art by
Carlo Jose San Juan, M.D.
Cover by
Carlo Jose San Juan, M.D.
Feathers and Tar Productions
Cover Price
36 Pages, Colored

The landmark fantasy storyline, “The Land of the Guardians”, takes the Callous Comics gang on a completely different adventure!

Callous Comics features Dr. Rianne Nicah, a struggling new physician. During her time in medical school she encountered a talking duck in her kitchen. He introduced himself as Cal Duck, her Guardian Duck. He explained that she was his charge and that it was his duty to help her become the best person she could be.

However, an ancient evil threatens the world of the Guardian Ducks and Cal Duck and his mentors are called to take care of it once more. But one complication arises: Cal Duck cannot leave his charge behind! Dr. Rianne is dragged into a whirlwind adventure filled with amazing locales, fascinating new characters, fearsome creatures, and awesome magic!

“Callous Comics – The Land of the Guardians” compiles full-color comic strips from the titular storyline and includes two bonus tales and fan art!

Callous Comics is published daily at http://callouscomics.com

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