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Vertigo’s FABLES to End with Issue #150

Every good fairy tale must eventually come to an end.

The long-running comic book Fables, published by DC Comics under its Vertigo imprint, is ending in 2015 with issue #150. The writer of the fan-favorite title, Bill Willingham, confirmed on his personal website that the series will conclude with an expanded issue:

“After more than ten years of publication, and hundreds of issues of Fables, and various Fables-related works, I have decided the time has come to begin the process of bringing our sweeping story to a close. And, along the way, I’ve decided to retire from a great deal of my comics work.

Retirement in the storytelling trade means, still working and writing every day, but being a bit more selective in what projects I take on. Pushing 60, I thought it would be a good time to start making concrete plans for those remaining good writing years.

Fables will end with Issue 150, which will be a larger than usual size, as were many of the other milestone issues. Fairest, our companion series, will also come to an end just before the big final Fables issue.

Both DC and I will announce more details later on, but first and foremost I wanted to let our wonderful readers know about this as soon as I could, and note that our story plans leading up to Issue 150 made it increasingly clear that this upcoming saga should naturally be the final story.”

In an interview with Newsarama, Willingham stated that the final arc will revolve around Bigby, Snow White, and Rose Red. Considering that they were the central characters in the very first story arc of the title, it’s a nice way for things to come full circle.

The spin-off title Fairest is also expected to conclude about a month prior to the main title.

The first issue of Fables was released in 2002. The series has since gained a strong fan following, with multiple spin-off titles and stories under its belt. At one point, NBC was even planning to develop a Fables TV show, but plans did not materialize. (Some say that the book served inspiration for other shows, like Grimm and Once Upon a Time, although Willingham himself has stated that he believes that OUAT is not a rip-off Fables.) A Fables film is also currently under development, with producers David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford at the helm.

We can only hope that there’s a “happily ever after” for this much-loved series.

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Mikael Angelo Francisco