Posted June 28, 2013 by Tony Tuason in Comics

“The Wake” #1 by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy is Highest Selling Vertigo Issue In Over Ten Years

Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy are two talents that are surely to be followed in comics. The two is currently collaborating in their new Vertigo series called “The Wake”. Sean Murphy has works in Vertigo including Joe The Barbarian, Hellblazer and American Vampire. While Scott Snyder having a good run in the main DC universe, has been writing American Vampire in Vertigo. Both have worked before in American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, but this time they’re working on this 10-issue ocean-based horror series “The Wake“.

The big news regarding the distribution of it’s first issues is that, according to comic sales reports The Wake #1 has sold 45,000 copies and is now being considered as the best selling Vertigo single issue for more than a decade. Even if it is priced at $2.99, it beat previous titles such as Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy’s ‘Joe The Barbarian’ which sold 25,000 copies for $1.00.

Hopefully, The Wake continues its success so it can bring back more readers to the Vertigo line and hopefully it will convince DC that they should bring back the firepower that Vertigo once had.

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