Posted September 13, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

What is Travis Charest’s Secret Project Featuring Wolverine and Captain America?

In the early months before the official release of the next volume of Captain America, Marvel revealed that it was Ed Brubaker and Travis Charest who would be working on the new Captain America book.

There were no details regarding this new project but it would seem like this would be a big retcon in my opinion. Or maybe its a story that happens in between continuity. Are we looking at the reason why Charest was replaced by Steve McNiven in the new Captain America volume.

The WildCATs artist was mum regarding the artwork but he claims that this project will involve Captain America and Wolverine and is set in the 1940s. Oh and I;m to assume that the woman in the art is none other than Peggy Carter.

Earl Maghirang