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NexCon: The Next Frontier for Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Oh yes, you heard it right. There’s a new convention going around in the town and if you think that this is just another typical convention where geeks come and gather to have fun and feast on merchandises… you’re wrong.

NexCon is a convention that focuses on various science-fiction and fantasy genres, catering especially to the said style and anything in between – hard sci-fi, alien invasion, imaginary voyage  and even fantasy parodies that surely all sci-fi and fantasy spectators will love. Organized by Cosplay.ph and Stompwork Studios, this event was also organized to expand the awareness of genres, such as science fiction and fantasy. It also features the movies, comics and all platforms of media that contains such types. (And yes, people… there were toys too.)


Toys at Nexcon
This epic event took place on May 31 and June 1 at the Bayanihan Center, featuring an incredible line-up of activities and special guest appearances. The event showcased an array of film screenings, cosplay contests ala American style, where all aspiring contestants will undergo pre-judging before going to the main contest itself and a mind-blogging geek trivia contest. There was also amazing art and photography contests that shown in a photo exhibition. The event also assembled an amazing group of guests who took part in several lively panel discussions.

Photo Exhibition


Cosplay at NexCon


Photo Exhibition

The first day had a panel discussion with the likes of Erik Matti and Teddy Co who tackled the issue of “Sci-Fi and Fantasy in Philippine Television and Movies”.  On the second day, figures like Carlo Vergara, Danny Acuña and Marvel’s very own Leinil Yu had discussed the state of Filipino Komiks.  The two panel discussions not only discussed what was happening in the international scene, but also what was happening in the Filipino prospect of comics, sci-fi and fantasy. Question were also answered which was rendered by the fans during the talk.

Panel at Nexcon

Panel at Nexcon

Panel on NexCon

So if you are into sci-fiction, fantasy or anything in between that space and would like to meet more of your own kind, this convention is definitely for you!

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