Posted May 28, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Anime/Manga

NSFW: Ash Thorp And 20 Artists Reimagine GHOST IN THE SHELL!

What started as a simple collaborative project between CCG Artist Ash Thorp and Photographer Tim Tadder turned out into something bigger as the duo together with 20 other artists paid homage to one of the most iconic Anime stories ever created: Masamune Shirow and Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost In The Shell!

Produced by Thorp and starring Christine Adams as Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg heroine of Shirow’s original GitS series, Project 2501 is an incredibly involved process, especially for a fan-film. It features artists working from all over the world, many of whom have actually never met each other in person, something that Thorp believes underscores the original story’s themes of life in a technologically connected society where even someone’s brain can be accessed by outside forces.

Interestingly enough, Project 2501 is happening at the same time as an American live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell is in development by Dreamworks under producers Steven Spielberg and Avi Arad. Given Hollywood’s track record for adapting anime — and I’m saying this as someone who had to sit through Dragonball Evolution — maybe they could take a few cues from Thorp and his crew as far as recreating the feeling of the original.

Check the link below for a behind-the-scenes process video, but keep in mind that it’s Not Safe For Work, owing to a kind of hilarious use of Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune as a soundtrack. Oh, and also a lot of full-on nudity, just like the original’s title sequence.


UPDATED: We got the full intro already for your entertainment. Again, it is NSFW.

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