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ATTACK ON TITAN Gets the Live-Action Film Treatment!

Haruma MiuraLast few months, there were rumors circulating around the web about a possible live action movie project  for the huge hit anime/manga series “Attack on Titan” (Shingeki No Kyojin). Now, there is an official announcement that the production of the live action project has started under the direction of Shinji Higuchi.

It was confirmed that the 23-year old actor Haruma Miura has been cast to play as Eren Jeager, the protagonist of the story. Miura had been to a lot of live action movies adapted from both anime and manga prior to his casting, such as Bloody Monday, Gokusen and Kimi Ni Todoke.

It was reported that the filming is currently in place on a small island of Hashima Island in Nagasaki Prefecture. The filming is also under the supervision of the original creator and mangaka, Hajime Isayama. Writing will be under the hand s of  Yusuke Watanabe and Tomohiro Machiyama and under the production of Toho. The movie is set to be released at 2015.

Attack On Titan or Shingeki No Kyojin focuses around the adventures of Eren Yeager and his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackermann as they fight the so-called Titans after their hometown was attacked and caused the death of Eren’s mother. Eren vowed revenge and restoration of peace back to humanity.  The anime was released around April 2013 and ended last September 2013 with 25 episodes and  2 OVAs. The series gained popularity not only in Asia but also in the other parts of the world.

Stay tune for more news of this highly-anticipated movie  as we bring you its latest developments.

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